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EN | Personajes ilustres – Neumann

John von Neumann ( 1903 - 1957 )

He was born twice, first in Budapest in the year 1903 and the second in Washington in the year 1957. Hungarian mathematician who later became naturalized American.

He was born into a Jewish banking family, he showed as a child of extraordinary talent for mathematics. In 1921, he enrolled at the Budapest University, five years later, he received his doctorate in mathematics at the same university, but he spent most of that time in other academic centers. He came to the Albert Einstein courses at the University of Berlin. He studied at the Zurich School, where in 1925, he obtanied a chemical engineering degree, also, he assisted to the Göttingen University, where he met the mathematician David Hilbert.

The Hilbert work exerted a considerable influence over him. Neumann contributed to the Hilbert development, called “proof theory”. He contributed with several enhancements into the set theory