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Presentation of the book “Queremos su dinero”

On November 22, 2019, the presentation of the book “Queremos su dinero” was held, which tells the story of Amstrad brand personal computers in Spain. The presentation was attended by the Vice-Rector of Communication of the UPM, Mr. Javier Jiménez Leuve, the Director of the School, Mr. Javier Soriano, the author of the book, Jesús Martínez del Vas, the protagonist of the book, Mr. José Luis Domínguez. The event was organized by the Historical Museum of Computing and the Association of Users of Classical Computing.

“Queremos su dinero” was a popular phrase by Alan Sugar, founder of Amstrad, as a provocative and honest response to the hackneyed slogans of many brands, who hypocritically boasted of their love for the customer. Alan wanted our money, yes, but offering something valuable in return: compact computers that integrated a cassette player and monitor, or an all-in-one music system. It revolutionized the compatible PC market by getting out of the way of big manufacturers like IBM. This story from Amstrad Spain tells the business adventure of the brand in our country. But it is the story of José Luis Domínguez’s personal initiative and his relationship with his mentor, Alan Michael Sugar, with whom he shared his charisma and his idea of selling electronic products to families and companies at a popular price. José Luis’s small company, Indescomp, ended up being converted into the powerful Amstrad Spain, billing 30,000 million pesetas a year. The history of microcomputers in Spain began to be written in the 80s in gold letters.