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The Museum

The Historical Museum of Informatics was created with the idea of ​​rescuing old computers and computing devices from oblivion. In this way, it was intended to provide the university community, and the general public, with a clear and precise vision, as well as entertaining, of this exciting and vertiginous journey of technology.

The Museum reflects this impressive progress, offering the possibility of visiting an interesting exhibition in which an open personal computer is shown, explaining the parts of which it consists and how it works.

The evolution of different aspects of Computer Science is presented in a didactic way: technology, programming languages, operating systems, the history of the Internet …, while various objects of special historical relevance are shown to the public:

:. Ferrite memories: the first magnetic information storage devices.
:. Valves: Informatics before the invention of the transistor.
:. Silicon wafers: the material from which the chips are made.
:. Punched cards and punching machines and readers: storing information when floppy disks did not exist.
:. The first Spanish computers.
:. The ancestors of personal and laptop computers.
:. Workstations, transistors, relays, microprocessors, magnetic tapes, the first hard drives, etc.