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EN | Exposición – Aplicaciones de la informática


Computer Applications

Computer Applications

◾ The computers surround us

Autofold simulation of a protein

These representations help us understand how diseases evolve as Alhzeimer.

Leisure and entertainment

Videogames are the biggest and clearest example of the presence of computing in our leisure time

"Alhambra Virtual" application

In addition to the virtual tour you can interact with other virtual visitors in real time.

Artificial Intelligence

Industrial robot working in a factory.

In our daily routine we launch multiple computer system which make our life easier, better and comfortable, without knowing how wonderful, sophisticated and complex are the technology behind it .

Make a phone call, a bank transaction, a medical examination, to start a carhome bookkeeping, write a simple letter, design an integrated circuit, visiting a museum virtuallyget the road map of a country, to predict the time that will make your next vacation or solve a problem is known as hard as the sequencing of DNA, are made possible by the great development that have computing and communications in the past five decades.