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EN | Exposición – Sistemas informáticos – MSX 2


Computer Systems


Processor: Zilog Z-80 A
Clock: 3,6 Mhz
RAM Memory: Minimum 64 kB, usually 128 kB.
ROM Memory: Minimum 32 kB.
Operating System: CP/M y MSX-DOS
Max Resolution: Up to 512 × 212 pixels with 16 colors (could display 256 colors with a resolution of 256 × 212 pixels).

In 1983 Microsoft proposed a standard computer to run programs designed by one manufacturer on a machine built by any other. More than 20 companies were involved in MSX project (MicroSoft eXtended).


MSX 2 was the second-generation computer. Some MSX 2 models even included video digitizers or MIDI equipment

It was so successful that a French distributor went on to sell a console that was really a MSX 2 without a keyboard.